The Ofsted presentation is on its way!! However, while we wait here's the slideshare from the heads briefing that Ofsted released  earlier in the summer.


'This was the BEST year yet!! The speakers were so inspirational. I can't wait to get back to school to try some of the things out! Thank you.'

'Fantastic speakers! Very informative and the workshops were highly valuable. I'm redoing my school SEF as soon as I get back.'

Keynote speaker: Dr Jill Berry

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Keynote Speaker ‘How can you manage your school finances effectively?’: Steve Baines, Headteacher Holystone Primary School

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Keynote speaker ‘Harnessing Evidence to Tackle Educational Disadvantage’: Tom Martell, EEF

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This file is intended to support a school or academy's self-evaluation taking account of the new Ofsted framework.

The inspection framework looks at six main areas:

  • Curriculum intent
  • Curriculum implementation
  • Curriculum impact
  • Behaviour and attitudes
  • Personal development, and
  • Leadership and management

Keynote Speaker ‘How can you manage your school SEF effectively?’: Jill Shaw, Headteacher New York Primary School 

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Keynote speaker James Bowen, NAHT Director of Policy

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