Karen Brown

Specialist Leader of Education in ITT and ‘Moving from Good to Outstanding’ in KS1

As a specialist leader of education with specialisms in, Initial Teacher Training and ‘Moving from Good to Outstanding’ in KS1. Karen is a highly motivated, pro-active person who leads by example. Karen can identify areas for development in colleagues and trainees and will tailor support, advice or training to individuals or staff groups. Read more......

Glen Whitehead

Specialist Leader of Education inPrimary Curriculum

I have been designated as an SLE, specialising in the primary curriculum. As part of my Deputy Head Teacher role I am responsible for leading the curriculum. This is an area that I feel is vital. I always strive to ensure the curriculum fulfils statutory guidelines whilst also ensuring it is creative, engaging and meets the needs of learners.   Read more.....

Ashleigh Lawrence SLE Lead Trainer

Specialist Leader of Education for ICTandLeadership and Management

As a Specialist Leader of Education, Ashleigh has ensured that the curriculum offered in her home school ensures that all pupils make outstanding progress. Over the years she has built up a whole school approach towards ICT and has created progressive, current and easily resourceable planning, which is used across the school. Ofsted commented that the ICT curriculum ensures that all children in her home school make outstanding progress in ICT. These unique approaches towards ICT also help children adapt to the needs of the future workforces which they will soon be joining. Read more.......

Lucy Cameron

Specialist Leader of Education in Maths and SEN

As an SLE I can offer support and assistance in maths for pupils with SEN but also support around pupils with SEN generally. Often with pupils with SEN there isn’t one easy answer but a complex web of reasons for the difficulties they are facing. I can offer support to help unpick the exact causes and advice on appropriate strategies to deal with them. Within Maths I can offer specific teaching strategies and ideas for some of the more difficult areas and concepts that face pupils with SEN, I can also offer support and advice on assessment within SEN and the new curriculum, particularly strategies around the mastery of mathematics. Read more....

Leigh Elsaghier

Specialist Leader of Education in Literacy

I believe firmly in equipping children with the skills that will determine their future. Literacy and Numeracy skills will influence their success and this cannot be compromised. Further, I wholeheartedly believe that without Literacy skills, children will not be able to access any other areas of the curriculum. Therefore, my passion for Literacy is great and I take delight in determining progress in this area.  Read more.....

Louise Welsh SLE Lead Trainer

Specialist Leader of Education forInitial Teacher Trainingand Leadership and Management

With many years experience as a middle and senior leader in an outstanding school, I am able to share experience and practice across a range of management areas. In addition, having run a very successful School Direct programme for many years and having developed strong provision for ITT I can offer advice and support to schools and mentors.

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"Even if remuneration does not take the form of direct funding, it could involve an exchange of services that may help support or enhance an area of the SLE’s school Schools in receipt of SLE support Feedback from current SLE work and similar leadership programmes tells us that leaders value and benefit from the support of their peers.

in our experience this type of peer support:

– is credible, because it is rooted in current leadership practice and draws on real, relevant experience

– takes place within the supported school, with the SLE working alongside staff and taking into account demands on their time

– is flexible and bespoke, adapting to the particular needs of the supported school

– brings a fresh perspective to specific challenges or issues, as well as specialist knowledge and expertise

– takes a coaching approach, meaning that development will be collaborative – helps to assure long-term, sustainable improvement

– the aim is to help supported leaders to develop their own leadership capacity

– can contribute to improving school performance overall by providing a specific focus for development and implementing tangible goals that staff can really engage with."

How can I request SLE support for my school?

SLE support is brokered by teaching schools. If you would like to commission SLE support you will need to contact our teaching school directly.


The SLE programme: – is an excellent form of continuing professional development (CPD) for middle and senior leaders, enabling them to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities in a variety of ways – further develops SLEs’ coaching, mentoring and facilitation skills, which can also be used to support colleagues in their own school through internal training and development – gives individuals the opportunity to learn about different school contexts and systems, which will in turn help them to develop their practice in their own school – supports schools’ internal succession-planning strategies, by enabling individuals to demonstrate they are ready to step up to the next leadership level – supports staff retention by motivating and re-energising leaders who are taking on this new role – possibly results in some funding for the SLE’s own school, although this will be agreed by the schools involved and by the appropriate teaching school alliance.

Anabel Drought

Specialist Leader of Education in SEN

Anabel Drought, Assistant head of secondary, is working at Beacon Hill School for children with severe, profound and multiple learning disabilities and autism. Anabel specialises in using technology as an access and communication tool for children with a special educational need. She has led and managed the introduction of an iPad leasing scheme for students and provided full training for staff, parents and governors. Anabel is currently working on a project using eye gaze trackers as a control device for students with physical disabilities.

Anabel is keen to work with teachers on developing technology for students with SEN.

Nicola Ord

Specialist leader of Education in Behaviour management and SEN

I believe that to promote access to learning and therefore achievement we must  support  students in their development of the self management of their own behaviour and emotions and therefore increase confidence when dealing with others and new learning opportunities. This raises their self esteem and therefore their ability to learn. As an SLE I can support schools in implementing both whole school and individual strategies to promote positive behaviour management and therefore learning. Read more...

How will a specialist leader of education benefit my school?

The SLE’s own school School-to-school support enables the sharing and development of outstanding, innovative practice, which can benefit both schools in a partnership. The national leaders of education (NLE) and local leaders of education (LLE) programmes have shown that undertaking outreach work can further improve an individual’s ability to undertake their current role in school.

Anna Irving

Specialist Leader of Education in challenge and support for the more able

I have been designated as an SLE in providing challenge for the more able, I can offer advice and support in identifying and challenging the more able children, especially the able un- achievers. I look for many different ways to implement challenge within practice, and enjoy working alongside others.Read more....

Dan McConville

Specialist Leader of Education for Maths

Dan McConville is our lead Maths SLE. Known for his creativity and innovation, Dan is an expert at getting great results and enthusiastic learning in the classroom. Read more......

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